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The Glass Tower: A mystery and suspense thriller with a gripping twist

The Glass Tower: A mystery and suspense thriller with a gripping twist
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The Glass Tower: A mystery and suspense thriller with a gripping twist
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Julia Ottley has one shattering secret.

She may have burst onto the literary scene with the highest ever advance paid to a British debut author. And her novel – featuring a fabulous tower of translucent icy crystal – may well go on to become a modern classic. But as she embarks upon her new life, turning her back upon the drab, unexciting middle-aged woman she used to be, she discovers that nothing can be hidden forever, especially when living within walls of cool, clear glass.

She fights to keep her secret, but as the stakes steadily rise, she faces a stark choice. How far is she really prepared to go to stop her life from coming crashing down?

Set on a beautiful and isolated island in the south west of England, The Glass Tower combines mystery and suspense with delicious dark humour. And just as readers of Gregg Dunnett have come to expect, there’s a wicked twist at the end. 

“Don’t miss The Glass Tower – This is a fabulous new writer, now at his glittering best!”

Gregg Dunnett’s first novel The Wave at Hanging Rock was published in 2016 and became the number one downloaded book in the US, UK, Canada and Australia Amazon stores. He is also the author of The Things you find in Rockpools, which was an Amazon UK and US bestseller, and which is now being considered for a Hollywood movie. His stories have received thousands of five star reviews, with readers loving his flowing writing style and frequent, thrilling twists.

Here's just a taste of what readers are saying about Gregg Dunnett's books

“Taut, exciting, brilliant. It just grabs you from the mind-blowing first line.”

“I love falling into the coastal settings in Gregg’s books. I really feel like they take me there…”

“The protagonist in this book has just become my favourite ever character...”

“The best book I’ve read in a very long time. And I read a lot of books!”

“Wow, wow, wow. Just brilliant. I loved this book!”

“I hadn't heard of Dunnett before but he blew me away. A real pro.”

“A book I did not want to end. One of the best thrillers I've ever read!”

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