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Miracle on Wolf Hollow Lane

Miracle on Wolf Hollow Lane
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Miracle on Wolf Hollow Lane
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Because everybody loves a good dog story...

Winner of two awards: Houston Writers Guild Fall 2014 novel contest, and Houston Writers House 2014 contest.

Blake O’Connor returns with a harrowing survival tale about one dog's quest to be reunited with the family she was born to protect.

Set in the unforgiving wilderness of South Texas, a harsh land where danger lurks under every rock and behind every tree, the story reveals that real danger doesn’t lurk in the wilderness, it’s found where no one expects it.

One snowy night, exhausted parents Evelyn and Gabe Mitchell have just put their colicky four month old baby, Abigail, to sleep in the nursery of their farmhouse. Afraid their large mixed breed dog, Girl, will wake the baby, they unsuccessfully try to coax her out from under the crib where she has slept since the baby was born. Girl refuses to budge, because Girl senses what nobody else knows: something is catastrophically wrong.

Told in lean, luminous prose, and inspired by a real life rescue, Miracle on Wolf Hollow Lane is a riveting story about one dog’s power of fortitude and gritty determination to live, to beat the odds, to return home, and maybe, just maybe, save the family from impending tragedy.


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