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Basic Bible Truths

Basic Bible Truths
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Basic Bible Truths
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Basic Bible Truths is a proven soul-winning and evangelism tool. This systematic and thorough way of presenting Christ in six one-hour lessons reduces false professions. It will equip you to reach more souls, especially those who have little knowledge of true Christianity or who are hard to reach or skeptical. This self-explanatory teacher’s manual has been used in all states in the USA and in 46 other countries. The memberships of several thriving churches consist almost exclusively of those who have been won to Christ using this method. Basic Bible Truths is particularly suited for missionaries who seek to penetrate a new culture.

Basic Bible Truths addresses the soul-winner, the person who would acquaint lost people with the gospel message. This teacher’s manual will equip you to teach six one-hour Bible lessons which systematically set forth the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible, the desperate spiritual condition of all who have not come to Christ and the fact that God’s salvation is a matter of grace and not works. The entire third lesson is devoted to the person and work of Jesus Christ and why He alone can save sinners. The fourth lesson brings the sinner to the bar; he must decide what he will do with Jesus Christ. Hundreds have trusted Christ during this lesson which explains faith and what it means to believe in Christ. Lessons five and six explain the difference between relationship and fellowship, the priesthood of every believer and why love should be the singular motive of all saved people. They also explain baptism, the merits of church membership and why all saved people are to live right and be servants of God. They are designed to get new believers into the church where they can be nurtured and mentored.

These lessons are to be taught one-on-one in the home or other suitable, private settings. This teacher’s manual is concise and full of instructions and practical teaching tips. Each lesson has an instructional chart and a concise teaching outline. One chapter explains how to present Christ when you have only one brief opportunity. Another chapter outlines a step-by-step training course for those who wish to master and use these lessons.

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